Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery
Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery

Raise Funds

We empower Entrepreneurs by offering the lowest cost of capital so you can grow with minimum dilution. We believe Entrepreneurs should maintain control of their capital, equity, and terms.

We know that when we maximize control for Entrepreneurs, we maximize value for investors. As passionate Hospitality industry veterans, our dedication to Entrepreneur and Investor empowerment runs deep.

Restaurants Consumer Goods Hospitality Technology
Restaurants Consumer Goods Hospitality Technology

We currently support
the following types of businesses:


Full-Service Restaurants (FSR) and Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR)

Consumer Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Direct to Consumer Items (DTC)

Hospitality Technology

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Innovative Hardware

Campaign Types

There are several debt and equity funding pathways for Entrepreneurs to choose, including Traditional Loans, SAFE & Convertible Notes and Regulation CF Filings. The timeline and process for each varies, but in all cases, HMx charges the lowest fees compared to crowdfunding alternatives.

Seed Campaigns

Raise up to $250,000
For early-stage Entrepreneurs, we created and compiled resources to streamline Friends & Family and Seed fundraising rounds.

Tap into our self-serve tools and resources to create your campaign and to manage your raise.* Our platform allows you to share your campaign with friends and fans while benefiting from exposure to HMx’s investor community. 

Entrepreneurs pay no fees to use HMx Seeds, but HMx will receive 2% of equity in successful raises. 

*You can add-on campaign support for a $300 fee. 

Growth Campaigns

Raise $250,001 to $5 Million

For established entrepreneurs looking to grow their existing business, we offer direct access to a global pool of capital via brand enthusiasts, accredited, non-accredited and institutional investors. 

An HMx Campaign Manager will guide you through the process from onboarding through post-campaign analysis, and we’ll provide a marketing toolkit and other resources.

For all successful raises, HMx receives a flat 5% fee and 2% of equity. For campaigns that don’t reach their minimum funding goal, there is no fee to the Entrepreneur. 

Interested in raising funds with HMx?

Learn more about how it works and apply here:

Don’t fit into either of the above categories?

Join our HMx Community to connect with other owners, those in the industry, enthusiasts, and investors. Jump into a discussion, share questions, follow peers, browse our network of HMx Pros, and more. 



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