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Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery

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Genio Della Pizza

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Our flagship pizza that started it all. Slowly risen dough topped with a classic combination of ingredients that celebrates the ancient history of Southern Italy. Wood-fire baked in a brick oven. One of the most difficult pizzas to make well.



One of our all-time favorite pizzas. Its simplicity allows our slowly risen dough to shine. It’s also a great pizza to get creative with: add your favorite grated cheese or vegetable then top with a little EVOO. Think Parmigiano Reggiano, sun-dried tomatoes and breadcrumbs on the finish. Che’ bella. 



This is not a Bianca, it’s THE Bianca. The flavor that comes from wood-fire baking this combination of Italian ingredients is why Genio Della Pizza was created. “It brings me back to my favorite childhood after-school spuntino—a great piece of bread with mozz’, ricotta & basil.” — Anthony



We use friarielli, a broccoli rabe grown around Naples, along with black olives from the Italian Riviera. When combined, each ingredient’s complex flavors meld into an Italian comfort food. If you love broccoli rabe, this is going to be a life-changing experience.


A native of New Jersey, Anthony grew up in a close-knit Italian-American family and developed a pizza obsession from a young age, persuading his mother to drive him to every well-known pizzeria in the tri-state area. This early fixation developed into a lifelong dedication to creating the perfect pizza—something that he remains steadfastly dedicated to every day.

At 22, Anthony opened a bread bakery called Sant Arsenio in Red Bank, NJ. Three years later, in 1996, he established Una Pizza Napoletana in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Anthony relocated Una Pizza Napoletana to Manhattan’s East Village in 2004, where his pizzas drew lines of customers and rave reviews (The New York Times, The New Yorker, to name a few). Looking for better weather and closer proximity to the great outdoors, Anthony relocated the pizzeria to San Francisco in 2010, where the third iteration of Una Pizza Napoletana continued to enthrall critics and pizza lovers alike (SFGATE, San Francisco Chronicle).

Anthony returned to New York’s Lower East Side in 2018 and then opened a location in New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Una Pizza Napoletana reopened its now one and only location on the Lower East Side in March 2022, after Anthony spent months transforming the space to meet his vision. In its latest iteration, Una has continued to garner praise, claiming the #1 spot on 50 Top Pizza’s 2022 global ranking. US media took notice as well, including the TODAY Show, CBS Mornings, Esquire and Michelin Guide.

In 2022, Anthony launched Genio Della Pizza, a frozen product he spent three years working on to reclaim quality in the freezer section. 

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The list of stores carrying Genio is growing every day – check out the full list here. We are also available for delivery in select zip codes across the US through DashMart and GoPuff, and in NY, NJ and CT through FreshDirect. If you can’t find us, request Genio Della Pizza at your favorite grocer.

Genio will also be launching in 95 Whole Foods stores from Maine to NYC in August 2023. 



This dream started with a simple question: Is it possible to produce a truly beautiful and delicious handmade frozen pizza? Anthony scoured the freezer section of supermarkets around the globe, and realized that if it was possible, it had not yet been done.

The frozen pizza landscape hasn’t evolved much over the last 20 years; if anything, it’s gotten worse. The market is controlled by massive food companies churning out uninspiring pizza full of artificial ingredients and flavors that smell funny—and sometimes barely pass as food. The pizza lining today’s freezer section is nearly unrecognizable from the beautiful handmade pizzas made with love and intention that are found across Italy.

Pizza should not be reduced to simply a convenience food. At its best, pizza should be a celebrated Italian artisan product that can truly bring joy to all the senses. From the smell of slowly risen dough baking in a wood fired brick oven to the distinct hue of Italian tomatoes and the singular taste of Buffalo mozzarella, all punctuated with fresh herbs; it’s pure, healthy and delicious.

The word ‘artisan’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it can still mean something. Genio’s story is true and transparent, and it begins with a real pizza maker who wanted to stand up for his craft in a marketplace committed to dumbing it down. You can’t buy that with private equity money, you have to earn it over a lifetime’s work.



Anthony Mangieri

A native of New Jersey, Anthony grew up in a close-knit Italian-American family and developed a pizza obsession from a young age. He opened his first restaurant at 22 and has made over 900,000 pizzas since all over the world.

Owner & Chef


Press Mentions

“Anthony Mangieri, the founder of Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan, said he has made every ball of pizza dough he has ever served during his 30 years in the business. But in 2017, he set out on a new quest: to create a frozen pizza that would meet his standards — wood-fired, slow-risen, fashioned from all-natural and all-Italian ingredients — but made almost entirely with automation.”

The Restless Quest for a Better Frozen Pizza | The New York Times

“1. GENIO DELLA PIZZA: This pizza, with its lavishly oily and salty crust, smartly avoided the dryness that plagued its competitors. “Am I getting Cheese Nips?” asked Eric, who praised its aroma, a key part of the pizza-eating experience. The proportion of tomato to crust felt right, and the crust had sourdough flavor, something we missed in the other pies.”

Premium Pizzas Are Filling The Freezer Aisles. How Do They Taste? | The New York Times

“Your pizza, Anthony, is way too good for only the hundred or so people who are lucky enough to get in here every night. And what about the people who can’t? What about the ones who can’t get into New York? Shouldn’t they have some of this, too? …The freezer section. We start there. Best frozen pie ever.” — Bobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis

Featured on Showtime’s Billions (Season 5, Episodes 6 and 9)



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