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Gelato Festival

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A little About Us

We bring happiness to the world by throwing global festivals, producing the most prestigious gelato tournament in the world, and packaging it all up into pints (and even better, full-size pans!) of artisanal gelato so you can experience the same joy of Gelato Festival at your favorite restaurant or right at home.

Behind it all, our passionate team is driven by a deep love for gelato – everyone’s favorite frozen Italian dessert – and our appreciation for the artisanal skill that goes into every scoop. Churning up a rich and creamy, velvety-smooth gelato is an art – so we decided to seek out the best gelato in the world and share it with you.

Gelato Festival World Masters

We held the first Gelato Festival competition in Italy over 10 years ago, and since then, Gelato Festival World Masters has become one of the most-followed food events in the world. Every four years, the world’s top gelato chefs gather in Italy to compete for the tastiest title of World Master. It’s the ultimate showdown of gelato artistry, pride, passion, and flavor innovation.

On the road to the World Finals, we hold a series of qualifying Gelato Festival competitions in over 22 countries – up to 50 events per year! – to find the crème de la crème of the gelato world and determine who’ll go on to represent their homeland on our world stage.

Every Gelato Festival is a heated culinary competition and a celebration of the world’s most delicious frozen dessert all in one. Competing chefs whip up never-before-seen gelato recipes especially for the tournament and battle it out to blow your taste buds away. It’s the sweetest showdown in town. Only the best make it to Gelato Festival World Masters – the final world championship event where gelato greatness is crowned!

We also maintain the official Gelato Festival World Ranking – the definitive list of the best artisanal gelato chefs around the globe, ranking the top gelato artisans who’ve competed in our Gelato Festival tournaments since 2011.

Gelato Festival Retail Pints & Wholesale Pans

Now we’re bringing the world’s best gelato to you with our own Gelato Festival retail pints and wholesale pans (including dairy-free options!). We’ve curated the best recipes featured in our global competitions from award-winning gelato masters. Visit our flagship store in Los Angeles, discover our gelato in local restaurants and on grocery store shelves, or order limited-edition flavors online for delivery to your door. It’s happiness in a scoop!

Our Flagship Store

From the gelato-obsessed team behind Gelato Festival World Masters – the most prestigious gelato tournament in the world – the Gelato Festival flagship store brings you a taste of the best gelato in the world, right here in the heart of Hollywood. Situated along the Walk of Fame, our storefront honors the world’s top gelato masters, while the stars of Hollywood’s hottest icons grace the pavement right outside our door. We’ve curated the best flavors (including dairy-free options!) featured in our global competitions from award-winning gelato artisans. While you’re here, take a visual tour of the evolution of the Gelato Festival World Masters tournament since our inception in 2011 and see our antique batch freezer on display from the esteemed Carpigiani Gelato Museum in Italy. Come and indulge in gelato greatness. It’s happiness in a scoop!

Our Story

Our story starts back in 2010 in Florence, Italy. Being proud (and curious) Italians, we began to study the history of gelato–which dates back more than 500 years to the renaissance–and its inventor Bernardo Buontalenti (whose name literally translates to “good talents” — of course!)   

Gelato is a combination of simple ingredients, but it is very hard to make perfectly. True gelato is an art that requires inspiration, innovation, the right ingredients and equipment, and the dedicated passion of the most skilled gelato masters. No wonder it was once a delicacy reserved only for royalty and the elite!   

This filled us with intense imagination and respect for the art of gelato, and so we set out on a mission to find out who is creating the world’s best gelato today, so we could share it with everyone.  

And that’s why we held the first Gelato Festival competition, local to Italy, more than ten years ago. Since then, Gelato Festival has grown into the world’s most prestigious gelato tournament, with competitions in over 22 countries. Here the world’s most passionate gelato chefs dream up mind-blowing gelato recipes in pursuit of the title of World Master.  

Now Gelato Festival brings these creations to you–the best of the best from our competitions–whether you visit one of our online gelato shop, buy a pint at your local store, order a collab at some of the best restaurants across the country, or even get a special selection of award-winning gelato shipped to your home or office.  

But how many World’s Best Gelato can there possibly be? Well, since gelato is art that you can see, taste and feel, it can spring from endless inspiration and craft. So we don’t trouble ourselves with questions about limits. We just grab a spoon and say, “Buon Appetito!” 

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