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Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery
Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery


Join us in helping the hospitality ecosystem thrive

We believe Entrepreneurs should maintain control of their capital, equity, and terms. And we know that when we maximize control for Entrepreneurs, we maximize value for investors.

Get direct access to individual commercial hospitality investment opportunities, and support the growth of brands, products, and innovators you love and trust.

How it works

1. Explore campaigns

Get direct access to individual commercial hospitality investment opportunities.

Use the search bar and filters on the Invest page to look for specific companies or browse all live campaigns.

2. Dig into a campaign

Dig into a Campaign: On each campaign page, we organize all relevant information on the investment opportunity into the following categories:

  • Overview
  • Deal Terms
  • Team
  • Updates
  • Connect

If you have questions about the specific offering, leave a comment and members of the company will provide answers and additional information.

3. Create your HMx Investor account

With an HMx account, you have access to the following features:

Investor Dashboard

View all your investments in one place. You can also check the status of a specific investment and download from your dashboard.

Investor Profiles

Add additional profiles to easily toggle and view available offerings by profile type. This is especially useful if you are investing as an individual as well as representing an institutional investor.


With an account, you can comment on offering pages and get responses directly from the founders of the companies listed.

Follow Campaigns

Interested in an offering but not ready to make an investment yet? You can click the “Heart” icon at the top of the offering page to follow the company. You will then get an email every time the company posts an update about their campaign progress or new business developments.

4. Invest

When you’re ready, click the “Invest” button on the campaign page. You can fund your investment via credit card, ACH, or wire. After signing the subscription agreement and submitting your investment, funds will be held in escrow until the company disburses your funds. Then you’re an investor!

Get Started

Interested in listing your business on HMX?

Learn more about the process here.

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