Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery
Beefsteak Campaign 100% Funded New Campaign Alert: Argesta Cooks Last Chance: Vandela Bakery

Direct access to the best culinary talent

Connect: How It Works

HMx Connect puts chefs and F&B owners in front of developers and brands seeking Talent for projects.


Are you a chef, mixologist or sommelier? Are you a maker of wine, food products or spirits? Are you a restaurant owner or hospitality entrepreneur? If so, keep reading…

Why Join?

We are not an agency. We send opportunities directly to your HMx inbox and your email, connecting you directly with Partners regarding opportunities including development projects, events, brand partnerships and more.

We don’t take a cut of any engagement booked or partnership initiated on our site.

Select the types of opportunities that you are interested in, including Brand Partnerships, Development Projects, Events, Licensing, TV & Media Appearances, Private Chef Opportunities, and Speaking Engagements.

We reduce the back and forth process to find out information about a potential project by having Partners submit Project Briefs with relevant information included by opportunity type. This allows you to see more information upfront before deciding if you’re interested in connecting with the Partner to learn more.

How It Works

Submit your Talent profile. We vet all Talent to ensure we maintain a trustworthy network. Share relevant information including the types of opportunities you’re interested in, your availability and if you’re open to travel. Once submitted, our team will review your profile and reach out by email for any additional information needed to finalize your profile.

Once approved, you’ll be notified that your profile is live. Then, Partners can start sending opportunities your way!


Are you a brand, developer, or speakers bureau looking to connect directly with hospitality Talent for upcoming projects, activations or events?

Why Join?

Reach a global network of established and next gen chefs, sommeliers, and more Talent for projects as they come up. Partners can also opt-in to Connect Premium for access to a dedicated HMx team member who will provide hands-on support with finding and securing the right Talent for your projects.

We are not an agency. We connect you directly with Talent open to business development opportunities. And, we don’t take a cut of any engagement booked or partnership initiated on our site.

Submit a Project Brief with key information about your project which allows HMx to send the opportunity directly to qualifying Talent. If you’ve already identified Talent who you’d like to send a Brief to, you can also send it directly to them. Additionally, the HMx team is available to facilitate thoughtful connections with Talent for your projects.

How It Works

Submit basic information including your business name, contact name and email address. Partners pay an annual fee to browse and message Talent, submit unlimited project briefs that go straight to qualifying Talent, and access to the HMx team for additional support in finding the best Talent for their projects.

Browse and message Talent interested in your projects. 

Fill out and send detailed project briefs directly to Talent who are interested in that type of opportunity. You can also choose specific Talent to send the brief to. When Talent expresses interest in your brief, you will be notified and connected through HMx, at which point you can choose to continue the discussion directly via email or phone.


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